Universidad de Concepcion, CHILE COPAS Center

The COPAS Center is devoted to advanced basic scientific research on the circulation, biogeochemical cycling, ecology and paleoceanography of the Eastern South Pacific Ocean.

The objective is to understand climate and ocean variability (present and past), the impact on marine ecosystems and regional productivity. Multi- and interdisciplinary research covers diverse temporal and spatial scales, and is based on observations, experiments, retrospective analysis, and modelling. This is done through six research programs.

The Center also provides advanced training opportunities to young scientists for research careers in oceanography and related areas, through the various ongoing activities at the University of Concepción, and the Universidad Austral de Chile (associated institution). These are the Graduate Studies in Oceanography, the Austral Summer Institutes, and the Postdoctoral program.

With funding provided by the Fund for Advanced Research in Priority Areas (Centers of Excellence FONDAP) of the National Commission for Science and Technology (CONICYT), the Centro de Investigación Oceanográfica en el Pacífico Sur-Oriental (COPAS, Center for Oceanographic Research in the eastern South Pacific), was established in March 2002 at the University of Concepción in Concepción, Chile. The creation of the COPAS Center represents one of the largest national efforts directed to oceanographic research.

The COPAS Center also acknowledges additional financial support from Fundación Andes, the MECESUP Program of the Ministry of Education, and the University of Concepción.

COPAS has become a center of high scientific productivity attracting an important number of graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows in oceanography. COPAS is today an oceanographic reference entity both at the national and international level.

Since its creation in March 2002, the COPAS Center has published 379 scientific articles (ISI), edited 5 books, 35 book chapters, and has served as a working platform for 86 graduate, and more than 70 undergraduate theses.

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10 Years

The COPAS Center has fulfilled 10 years of oceanographic research in the eastern South Pacific using integrated and multidisciplinary perspectives, with the highest standards of international excellence.

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